New Customer Factory Inspection

Since its establishment, the company has frequent trade with Europe, America, Australia and other countries.  The company's style and international standards, constantly absorb foreign new technology and sofa cover new ideas, in the growth of the gradual growth.  At present, the company has its own unique business philosophy and fixed customer groups, for the rapid and effective development of the company has laid a good foundation.  The company will be home textile sofa cover processing and production in the market competitive sofa cover and chair cover processing and production base, with more than 20 large home textile factories have a good cooperative relationship, quality and quantity to complete customer orders.  

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HuiEn Textile - 11
HuiEn Textile - 12

Our company is an independent processing and production trading company, we have won the favor of foreign customers with professional technology and first-class quality.  Our company has many brands, various styles and reasonable prices.  The annual sales volume is about 4 million.

We have professional factories and professional equipment.  Every process is carried out in strict accordance with the regulations.  We have a highly qualified young business team.  Integrity, pragmatic, efficient is our consistent working attitude.  We will continue to defend our reputation.  In line with the principle of supreme, quality first and excellent service, we are willing to cooperate with old and new friends at home and abroad sincerely to create a better future.  

Under the severe situation of the global epidemic, new customers cannot visit the site in person, but we can visit various factories, various equipment, professional and technical personnel and sample rooms of the exhibition hall through video conferencing to achieve transparency.  We also have to be more accountable to our customers and make them more comfortable with us. 

Address: Room 140, Building 2-4, Fabric Market (Jinsi Road), Nantong Home Textile City, Zhihao Village, Chuanjiang Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong, Jiangsu, China.


Phone: 0086-18151326131

Post time: Jul-09-2022