The Research on The Company’s New Pattern Will Come to A Successful Conclusion

We are specialized in producing sofa cover/chair cover/carpet and tablecloth.  Our products also include household textiles and other products.  We are customer-oriented and continue to create additional value for end users.  Although our main products have been steadily exported to Europe, the United States and Australia in the past dozen years...

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NanTong Huen Textile Co., Ltd. has a professional, efficient, reputable and trustworthy team in r&d, production, transportation and brand.  We are good at breaking down the boundaries of design, breaking down the antagonism of ideas, breaking down the myth that home textiles and sofa cover have nothing to do with it. 

A suitable sofa cover can bring out the new feeling of the old sofa, especially for the sofa cover with an older figure, it has the effect of elongated and taller. Choose from delicate fabrics that are comfortable to the touch, skin-friendly fabrics, coloured fabrics and a contrasting colour front with a 3D print on the front. Upgrading the old sofa to a new level is also the highlight of this sofa cover. The elastic band design of the sofa cover makes the sofa cover more solid and three-dimensional, makes the old sofa look brand new, and gives the new sofa the best protection.

The fabric pattern is clear and the layers are distinct. The retro style reappears. Pay attention to quality, focus on style, and bring different aesthetics. Smart details exude the beauty of traditional home textile products. No matter when and where it shines. Welcome your inquiry. If our size chart does not meet your requirements, welcome to consult in time to provide you with customized samples to enrich your life.

Combined with the perfect tailoring design, modify the proportion of the sofa, perfectly create the dressing mode of the old sofa, and combine the decoration of the same color as an embellishment, in addition to highlighting the temperament of the home decoration, it can break the sense of seriousness and depression. By the way, match the proportions of the combination to visually show a sexy and elegant room.

Post time: Jun-03-2022