A Collection of Types And Fabrics of Household Textiles

A lot of just decorated the friend of the house may choose to buy a few adornment beautiful, practical home textile products. Then what kind of home textile products and fabrics?

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Types of household textiles

Classification by process: According to the classification of its processing methods can be divided into these four categories, woven decorative textiles, knitted decorative textiles, woven decorative textiles, non-woven decorative textiles.  These processing methods can be seen from the name of some of its weaving methods, for example, the weaving class is ordinary loom or special loom produced by the home textile products, weaving class is artificial hand woven home textile products.

Classification by decorative objects and purposes

According to the home spins the object that the product needs to decorate and its actual use word can divide into these a few kinds. Decorative textiles whose main object is the floor of decorative buildings and structures; Decorative textiles whose main objects are the walls of buildings; Decorative textiles whose main objects are interior doors, Windows and Spaces; Decorative textiles whose main object is to decorate various kinds of furniture; Decorative textiles with decorative bed beds as the main object; In order to decorate catering, toilet environment, to meet the needs of toilet and sanitary decorative textiles.

Plus material Classification by function

If the home textile is classified according to its function, it can be divided into antistatic home textile materials, antibacterial home textile materials, anti-ultraviolet home textile materials. These fabrics can be used in different places according to their functions, such as antibacterial home textile materials used in sheets, bedding is very good. The home textile fabric that resists ultraviolet ray can serve as the first choice material that curtain makes

Classification by material

If according to the material classification can be divided into natural fiber, terylene blend, polyester these three categories. Each of these three categories has its own advantages, according to the advantages of its fabric characteristics can be selected home textile products. For example, natural fiber such as pure cotton products such as air permeability and heat absorption are very good, used to do bed products is very suitable. But the product of pure cotton fabrics does not have terylene such material wear-resisting and durable, bag type performance is good, if choose the word of curtain had better choose terylene, terylene blends the product of such fabrics.

Post time: Jul-09-2022